Buller Building


Please note that Peter has retired from active research and shut down his research laboratory in preparation for retirement. No further graduate students or postdocs will be accepted into the lab.

Peter Loewen’s lab was located in room 410 of the Buller Building on the Fort Garry Campus of the University of Manitoba in south Winnipeg from 1973 to 2018. Peter thanks the Department of Microbiology, the Faculty of Science and the University of Manitoba for their 45 years of support in a wonderfully bright and cheerful laboratory.

This site is intended to describe research in the lab, to identify the people who did the work, and to provide access to the publications and PDB submissions that have resulted.

If you only want information about Peter and don’t want to wade through all the pages, a complete Loewen CV is available here.   VIEW CV

This site also contains information about the Buller Saga, a description of how 12 years of renovations have affected the lives of researchers working in the building.

Contact Information

Dean’s Office, Faculty of Science
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University of Maniitoba
Winnipeg, MB Canada R3T 2N2
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fax 204 474 7603